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An article about the Hypertelescope in First Light Mag n°5

A big and beautiful 16 pages article about the work in progress in the French Alps since 2011 and still this summer is to see in the last issue of First Light Mag released last month. The principe of Hypertelescope is related and you can see pictures of Antoine Labeyrie and Paul Nuñez at work…
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Space mirrors

Donald magazine recounts on its website, in an article published April 16, a study conducted by researchers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which offers a system of space mirror diluted millions of microscopic flakes ("Glitter")-based reflective light. These glitter would be dispersed in space in form of Rainbow and could be caught and handled by…
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The Kepler186f Exoplanet would be a cousin of the Earth

An international team of astronomers discovered the first planet outside the solar system of a size comparable to the Earth and where temperatures would allow water to exist in a liquid state and thus be conducive to life. Science journalist Serge Brunier delivers his analysis on Betty.

Back a moment on this NASA announcement that has everything just a year: the Kepler186f Exoplanet would be a cousin of the Earth.

Kepler186f orbit around Kepler-186, a red dwarf star in the constellation of Cygnus. Would it be a first target for the hypertelescope upcoming exoplanetary?

The first NASA ads seem promising for habitability: proximity to its star. Kepler-186 f is the fifth planet in terms of distance from the Kepler-186. Its orbital period is 129.9 days. In addition, it would seem that Kepler-186 f has a size similar to that of the Earth.

Excerpt from the interview: "-is that we know something of its mass?" Is that we know something about its chemical composition? We know if it has an atmosphere? We know if there's water above? All these questions, the answer is: No. -Should be able to watch it. (...) No telescope now on Earth and in space is able to make this observation."

Certainly, to the rhythm of the most recent discoveries, the development and the construction of a Hypertelescope is done increasingly pressing!

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