Fresh news of the summits

Moutiere in recent weeks, everything has suggested very quickly.

Today, the cables are stowed. The basket wires are connected. The bungee loops installed on a test with the tipi set-up behave well in time and give good hopes for mounting. Remains to protect them from ultraviolet rays. Everything is ready for implementation of the carrycot, probably today, July 30, weather permitting. These two days Denarii, the mistral has not dropped the team. But morale is fixed and the excellent atmosphere.

This week we saw:

Arun in a tree for y cables. Yvan perched for carabiners. Antoine awakened from NAPs by an aspic Viper which he whispered a few extravagant ideas in the hollow of the ear (we know now whence him his genius!). And finally a mountain gendarmerie patrol which has awakened the team night after having made rockets on 14 July for mountaineers distress lights. Everything is for the better!


Team at work

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