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Fund raising session 2016

In April and May of 2016, we are launching a crowdfunding session to help us carry out the ambitious scientific campaign of the year. We have only two months to achieve our goal: do not wait to participate !

Drone Hypertelescope 2016

The Hypertélescope LISE association, supports the projet of giant telescope by interferometry invented and drived by Pr. Antoine Labeyrie.

Much progress has been achieved, but more work is needed to fully build and demonstrate the system. Additional research, engineering and equipment are needed.

The funding raised through the generosity of donators and members of the association has been invaluable for pursuing this exciting project.

In order to help funding the 2016 scientific campaign, we expect to further expand the contributors community through the crowdfunding website Kickstarter with numerous conterparts to win ! 

Our scientific targets for 2016

  • Fully automate the control system which drives the focal gondola, with millimetric accuracy. Specially developed autoguiding sensors have to be installed and tested on the star Vega.
  • Enough reliability must be obtained for consistent tracking, night after night, as needed to record usable science data.
  • With the two mirrors already installed, both images of Vega must coincide in the focal plane, with equalized optical propagation path lengths. This requires a fine tuning of the mirror alignment techniques regarding their orientation and height.
  • To form interference fringes with the star light reflected by the two mirrors
  • To build a drone, also with millimeter accuracy, able in the future to carry the optical system of the gondola
  • To conduct experimental flights of this drone

We need 70 000€ to meet these goals. If we reach 100 000€, we will develop a drone capable of carrying the optical gondola, as well as a miniaturized gondola. If we reach 150 000€, we would purchase a tracking theodolite (topographic instrument for measuring angles and distances), for directly controlling the mirror positions, the motion of the focal gondola, and other system elements. We will also install more mirrors.

Crowdfunding 2016