Podcast Ciel et Espace radio – February 2009

The challenge of the hypertelescope: see the surface of exoplanets

2009-02-16 maintenance. Antoine Labeyrie, sky and space Radio microphone, evokes his project of hypertelescopes, telescopes of the future, installed in craters or space. These hypertelescopes will be able to reveal the continents on extrasolar planets.

"While the number of exoplanets constantly to multiply and is announced for soon the discovery of Twin Sisters of the Earth, an atypical scientist, father of interferometry, imagine extraordinary telescopes.
«hypertélescopes» installed in terrestrial craters or space. A mosaic of mirrors lining hundreds of square kilometres and capable of revealing the continents on exoplanets to years light away.
The father of these fragmented giant mirrors, Antoine Labeyrie, already test at the Observatory of Haute-Provence, and imagine the Astronomy of the centuries to come.

With Antoine Labeyrie astronomer, Professor at the Collège de France and Director of the LISE (laboratory of stellar interferometry and Exoplanetary)"


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