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Weather alert on La Moutiere

Following these last two days, type alpine monsoon rains, the track leading of the lodging of the Bayasse to the Valley of the Moutiere is closed in several places by torrents of mud and stones. Unable to ascend by car. A first obstacle blocking the road at the level of the Ford, another at the…
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An article about the Hypertelescope in First Light Mag n°5

A big and beautiful 16 pages article about the work in progress in the French Alps since 2011 and still this summer is to see in the last issue of First Light Mag released last month. The principe of Hypertelescope is related and you can see pictures of Antoine Labeyrie and Paul Nuñez at work…
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Fresh news of the summits

Moutiere in recent weeks, everything has suggested very quickly. Today, the cables are stowed. The basket wires are connected. The bungee loops installed on a test with the tipi set-up behave well in time and give good hopes for mounting. Remains to protect them from ultraviolet rays. Everything is ready for implementation of the carrycot,…
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Film on the La Moutiere 2014 campaign

Hypertelescope 2014 - alignments and cospherisation

Martine Roussel shot images during the work on the site of La Moutiere in 2014. They tell the adventure in whole, technical and scientific as well as moments of the life of a team of enthusiasts in a majestic Alpine setting.