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The Hypertelescope project, the telescope of the future, is being developed in France in the Valley of La Moutiere on the heights of Barcelonette in the Southern Alps. It is now in the hands of the members of the Hypertelescope - laboratory of Interferometry for Starfire and Exoplanetary association.

This type of telescope will be so powerful that it will ultimately see directly what is happening on the surface of exoplanets!

Designed by Professor Antoine Labeyrie, the project of the hypertelescope now includes volunteers from all backgrounds: scientific, technicians, computer experts, and others professions, united by a resolutely future looking vision, the passion of observational astronomy, and a taste for working with interesting people and human adventure.

This project today need to enter its phase of expansion: to be better known and better recognized, to be supported materially and financially, to be grown by the strength, the presence and the commitment of its members.

To learn more about the technique of the hypertelescope, go to the project section of the site-> the telescope of the future

To join you also this great adventure science, technology and human go to our section participate

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The Hypertelescope LISE association, in a spirit of citizen science, works to support the development of the giant telescope by interferometry project invented by Antoine Labeyrie. The first full-scale prototype is in experimental development in the Valley of the Moutiere at an altitude of 2100m in the Southern Alps.

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