Weather alert on La Moutiere

Following these last two days, type alpine monsoon rains, the track leading of the lodging of the Bayasse to the Valley of the Moutiere is closed in several places by torrents of mud and stones. Unable to ascend by car. A first obstacle blocking the road at the level of the Ford, another at the level of the large scree which criss-crosses the flank. Antoine, had the chance at a time almost could not have more down.

Road barred by the scree

Road blocked by heavy rains

Road barred

The municipality think clear access in Wednesday. In the meantime, Arun and Jordi play climate refugees, away to the Gîte de Bayasse. They will surely try to climb on foot during the day (Jordi car and remained in the tipi) being careful not to take a rock on the head!


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