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Hypertélescope LISE est une association d'intérêt général à caractère scientifique. Vos dons feront l'objet d'un reçu fiscal qui vous donnera droit à un crédit d’impôt de 66%.

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The website is produced and published by l’Association Hypertelescope LISE to promote scientific projects of the laboratory of stellar interferometry and Exoplanetary created by Professor Antoine Labeyrie.

Its purpose is to inform the public, fans and scientists, members of the association, on the progress of the projects, and particularly of the Ubaye Hypertelescope developed from 2012 in the Valley of La Moutiere, in the Southern Alps, in France. It documents the concept, history, techniques and advances.

In its editorial, the site relays the life of the association, the scientific adventure and team members involved in the operations and discoveries. More generally, it consists of an active standby and relayed the overall scientific news in the field of interferometry with spatial observational science.


The Hypertelescope project was funded until end August 2014 by the Collège de France where Professor Labeyrie held the Chair of Astrophysics observational. At his retirement from the College de France, the Hypertelescope project is now more financed.

The purpose of the association is to continue the performance, maintenance and the scientific exploitation of the Hypertelescope project. The continuation and completion of this project are highly dependent on the release of new modes of financing.

To support us in this project, join the Association Hypertelescope LISE. You can also participate in the construction of the Hypertelescope.

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Article in the magazine the Alpe n ° 69 The Alpe magazine publishes a long article entitled "the stars full the Alps"on the project of the Hypertelescope of the ubaye Valley in its issue of June 2015. ->     The ...

The entire Valley - April 2015

The Valeia Sabenca association publ ished an article about our project in its magazine throughout the Valley, no. 66.  

Visit the telescope

The installation of the hypertelescope site lies on the edge of the Mercantour National Park, in the Valley of the Moutiere in the Alpes de Haute-Provence at 2100 meters altitude near Bayasse on the town of Uvernet-Fours and the charming town of Barcelonnette....

Association Hypertelescope L.I.S.E.

The object of the association The Hypertelescope LISE - laboratory of stellar interferometry and Exoplanetary - association was founded in August 2014 under the leadership of Jordi Pijoan, Antoine Labeyrie and Denis Mourard to support the Hypertelescope...

Statutes of the association

Statutes of the association Hypertélescope LISE - laboratory of stellar interferometry and Exoplanetary - may 2015

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    The hypertelescope team Professor Antoine Labeyrie, Emeritus Professor at the Collège de France has developed a revolutionary concept for a new type of telescope that will be more powerful and much cheaper than the largest cu...


Selection of books to read on the issues that affect the scientific domain of the hypertelescope. "Principles of Stellar Interferometry" (English) Paperback - 25 February 2013 - Andreas Glindemann (author) "Aperture Synthesis...


Proposals for a space Hypertelescope Presentation at the European Space Agency on September 3, 2013: Hypertelescope Optical Observatory . Proposal submitted to the European Space Agency on May 24, 2013: A. Labeyrie, P. Maahi,...


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Contact info The Hypertelescope LISE association is listening to all visitors. Your requests for information and your comments, be they technical, scientific, logistical, or whether they relate to the functioning of the association or its website ...