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Hypertélescope LISE est une association d'intérêt général à caractère scientifique. Vos dons feront l'objet d'un reçu fiscal qui vous donnera droit à un crédit d’impôt de 66%.

Adhésion et don à l’association doivent faire l'objet de deux paiements séparés.

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Association Hypertelescope L.I.S.E.

The object of the association

The Hypertelescope LISE – laboratory of stellar interferometry and Exoplanetary – association was founded in August 2014 under the leadership of Jordi Pijoan, Antoine Labeyrie and Denis Mourard to support the Hypertelescope project and meet the needs of the scientific teams including human resources, administration, logistics and funding.

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Our commitment today for the future

"See below, see bigger."

The hypertelescope, is the future. The future as we plan. A future more harmonious and more respectful of the human and natural environment that welcomes us. More balanced between men of all backgrounds, from all backgrounds, of all, so that the image of each mirror of the Hypertelescope, each combines its clusters of activity and participates in the development of the common good.

This object, the Hypertelescope LISE association is a body which promotes:

  • A citizen science within the reach of all, not all made and for all, open to the world in its publications and resources both internal.
  • A synergy of the different spheres of society in an ad – hoc way: public, private, associative and personal.
  • An alliance of all the know-how in different poles of activity, scientists, engineers, technicians, industrialists and financiers, professionals and enthusiasts, on a joint development project.
  • Planetary and exo-planetary issues, which aim to offer humanity the means of knowledge and questions for future centuries, beyond the established boundaries of corporations and States.
  • A natural environment respected, preserved in its State wild and highlighted in all phases of development and in all their aspects, research, installation, energy, logistics, accommodation, with particular care, attention at all times, to the harmony of the scientific tools and personnel with the fauna, flora and the elements that host.

Because at the root of all the major advances of humanity, of all the discoveries, there are new tools, and because the depths of space tell us about our origins, of our destiny, the Hypertelescope LISE association supports the telescope of the future project.