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Hypertélescope LISE est une association d'intérêt général à caractère scientifique. Vos dons feront l'objet d'un reçu fiscal qui vous donnera droit à un crédit d’impôt de 66%.

Adhésion et don à l’association doivent faire l'objet de deux paiements séparés.

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Promote us

Help us to promote the hypertelescope project around you

To help the project, is not necessarily abound in a monetary way… You can get fully involved in the adventure of the hypertelescope, very simply, by expressing your interest and your support with your entourage: talk to us!

Spread the word

The associative project of the hypertelescope project is in full development and we need to collect a maximum of support. A small simple gesture on your part can greatly help us:


+ Print : We worked informative documents in PDF format that you can feel free to duplicate and to circulate around you to help people to know and understand the Hypertelescope project. You can download it and share it as a link or a file attached in an email. We also encourage you to print it on paper, ideally in A3 format, and display it at the corner of the coffee maker in your company, in your school, in your club or association. Please, follow the link -> FLYERS

+ Share : As a first step, we urge you to Like our Facebook or Google+  page and follow our news on Twitter. You can share our content on social networks: as our pages, news, photos and online videos on our pages Youtube or Dailymotion. So we are bounded as a small Hypertelescope community on the networks and over the web.

+ Invite : By visiting our Facebook Hypertelescope page, you can use the link “Invite friends to love this Page” in the left column to bring your neighbours and your loved ones to discover the project – and perhaps love it. Also do not hesitate to share our publications.

+ Pass : The Hypertelescope is a broad and nebulous topic. And our web site as a mirror of his subject is a bit dense. We then designed the page as a simple page that presents the main aspects of the project destined for novices and non-scientists. We invite you to transmit (in sharing, e-mail, etc.) to those of your friends, your loved ones, your family, that you think they might be interested in it.

+ Chat : We often forget that we never share better the passions that drive us that in transmitting them orally. Word of mouth is the most powerful engine to collect unsuspected supports… Express yourself!

+ Intervene : On our website, you can comment directly on articles that interest you and ask questions freely : we are at your disposal to answer.

+ Testimony : You can also testimony your support on our guestbook. It is open for you. Your text and your information will not be transmitted off the website, and your commitment will be highly appreciated 😉


The sum of small simple gestures can built great things.Hypertelescope-logo-B - 300 x 208