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The intimacy of the stars – 3

The intimacy of the stars in the eye of the largest telescope of the world

To discover in detail the interest used for the VLTi interferometry technique

Podcast of sky and space Radio – 10/15/2007 – part 1 – 20 min 28 – French

The stars have never been so close! For European astronomers, who have the famous Very Large Telescope (VLT) located in the Atacama desert in the Chile, new instruments to the unparalleled power, their help as never to follow the lives of the stars, of their youth to their death. This is the case of AMBER, an instrument that allows, thanks to its very high angular resolution, mix the bundles of three four eight-metre VLT telescopes.
What is interferometry and what looks like the installation that transforms the VLT in a virtual mirror over 130 m in diameter?

What happens in the privacy of the stars when, for example, a star explodes?
Testimony, principles and results of an experiment at the limit of technological capabilities, it is the invitation to travel that offers this podcast footwear the most powerful glasses of the world!

with Fabien Malbet research at the CNRS, researcher at the laboratory of Astrophysics in Grenoble