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Results 2012

Progress of the project in summer 2012

  • Jean-Paul Rochaix has installed the carrier cable of the focal carrycot. 800 m long, this cable is now equipped with a secure replacement of the initial manual winch, electric winch which facilitates the operations of installation/removal.
  • Two spherical mirrors of 150 mm in diameter and 200 m radius of curvature, polished by David Vernet, have installed on their supports tripods and placed on a North-South axis at a distance of 16 m from the other.
  • Two optical pods prototypes have been developed and tested on bench; mirrors score tests conducted in situ using a laser sight-transmitter.
  • An optical device to receive and filming the stellar image returned by the gondola was installed at the South point.
  • Cables for the follow-up of the diurnal motion of the pod were installed and motorised (using a stepper motor). A counterweight fixed in larch system ensures a possibility of monitoring for about 1 hour.
  • Denis Mourard and Rémi Prud'homme have developed software for steering cables (synchronization to the East and West).
  • Rémi Prud'homme has implemented a WIFI system for the transmission of data between the different points of the installation.
  • Jean-Paul Rochaix has installed a solar electricity-powered tipi tent. With Satcom/Internet antenna, Heatable, it serves as a field laboratory and allows to work at the shelter.
  • Cable signs for civil aviation and avifauna protection devices have been installed.
  • Detailed tables of edge/lab notebooks have been kept up-to-date.

In pictures

Underway for 2012-2013

  • In collaboration with Martine Roussel and Jérôme Maillot, detailed field mapping was undertaken by the national Institute of geographic and forestry information (IGN) using a differential GPS.
  • An application of European funding has made, in particular to increase the number of members of the team.

Preparation of the campaign spring-summer 2013

  • First tests of tracking of the stars
  • Tests of optics on the sky
  • Fine tuning of both mirrors
  • Increase in the number of mirrors

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