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Objective for the 2015 season

Given the minimum funding this year, the provisional programme of the 2015 to the Moutiere campaign consists of three months of presence on the site to achieve the following objectives with a virtually unchanged material from the year 2014:
• Finalize the cospherisation of both mirrors by using lasers that are reflected on the carrycot and the C8 fixed telescope at the South point.
• Ensure the movement of the nacelle to track the movement of the star Vega
• Strengthen the daily reproduction of a follow-up of Vega with retention of the thoughtful radius of Vega by a mirror on the carrycot and referred it to the C8 to the South point
• Save to the C8 during ten minutes Vega from a mirror image
• If possible, obtain the same follow-up with two mirrors.

This year, the team will include:
-almost permanently, Professor Labeyrie, an Indian post doc astronomer, a technician all work,
-on a one-time basis, astronomer Denis Mourard, founding member of the association, volunteers being census (we appeal to all those who have already donated their time in the past to the Moutiere).

Personal and material

If we had of more funds, we would consider to have four permanent: two astronomers post doc, an electronics technician and a technician.
The programme of work is vast, it includes at least:
• The completion of the study, development and the realization of a pod multi-miroirs (the current basket is scheduled to receive two light rays reflected by two mirrors)
• The study and the realization of a gondola carrying a camera, to remove the "footed" mirror currently worn by the pod that returns the light rays to the C8
• The previous point involves a basket more heavy, more voracious energy and with capacity of transmission of information, which of the issues of mechanics, energy, power supply and transmission
• The development of a simple way to cosphériser mirrors
• The study and the realization of a way to ensure the positioning of mirrors the evolution of temperatures
• The finalization of the optical model of the instrument
• The finalization of the mechanical model of the entire gondola / cable carrier, ropes (assuring the displacement and attitude of the carrycot)

Scientific issues

The challenge is not to transmit the vibrations to the gondola cable. It is necessary to stabilize the camera with an accuracy of the order of mm, and the minute of arc for orientation. The chosen Valley has a very low wind, the night in good weather, and our videos recorded at the zenith telescope show that tolerance is then reached, although the loop is not yet enabled.

The wires sing in the wind but the the order of 100 Hz frequency does not affect the stability of the image. In addition, dampers can be added on the carrier cable and the six sons of pilotage to lessen this effect. The important thing is that the mirrors on their tripods rigid, are stable a micron wide.

It remains a slow thermal drift of the tripod, that we can correct by adding carbon rods. Timely, the mirrors will be enslaved, which will allow to make active the diluted meta-mirror parabolic strain, making it unnecessary to term the spherical aberration corrector at the entrance of the carrycot.