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Hypertélescope LISE est une association d'intérêt général à caractère scientifique. Vos dons feront l'objet d'un reçu fiscal qui vous donnera droit à un crédit d’impôt de 66%.

Adhésion et don à l’association doivent faire l'objet de deux paiements séparés.



"Small mirrors make large telescopes..."

The project to built the largest telescope in the world is taken over by a handful of enthusiastic volunteers. To help us continue and complete the hypertelescope project, your participation is essential.

Participate in the development of the project

The association Hypertélescope LISE, as a citizen science, is actively working to support the development of the giant telescope by interferometry project invented by Antoine Labeyrie, a Professor Emeritus at the College de France. The first full-scale prototype is in experimental development in the Valley of the Moutiere to 2100 meters above the sea level in the Southern Alps.

Any assistance, any expression of support is a small step foward the telescope of the future. The future of this beautiful project only depends on the will of human beings. The It is highly dependent on financing and aid received.

If you wish to contribute to this process, the association offers several simple options that enable you to give practical assistance to the development of a major scientific project. Choose the solution that suits you: you can participate according to your means, commitment, availability but also your material and human investment. We will appreciate it.

Join us

You can become a member of the association and get involved in the adventure.

Fill out our registration form and enter fully into the"citizen Science".

Join us

Support us

You can help finance the operation and development of the project.

Support significantly the activities of the association through monetary and material donations.

Support us

Help us

You can actively participate to achieve the project of the future telescope.

Get involved with scientists and engineers in this scientific adventure.

Help us


You can promote the project around you and on social networks.

Show your support to your loved ones and thus contribute to the popularity of the hypertelescope.



You can help to finance the scientific campaign of the year.
By your donations, your purchases, your participation in the campaign of crowdfunding, finance youself a little piece of the Hypertelescope.


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